Sunday, March 9, 2008

My first posting and first blog

Well, this is my first blog. So many people talk as if blogging is the best way to ... keep up connections between each other. This may very well be the case. Off the top of my head I think well what about the phone. That is great for my family, but I don't call everyone that I know or am related to as much as my mom or brothers and sister. Well, some could argue that letters are a usable means of communication but in this day and age that has become slim with the advent of emails. Ha, and now I find myself checking my email way too much for emails that don't come. I am a victim as much as a transgressor of this point. And, don't even get me started on thank you cards or notes(do ya think a blog is a good place to post a thank you to someone, anyone?).

I suppose that I could tell a lot about myself, Sara and what is happening to us now but I will let this be a good start. I guess this is like a very public journal. I am not big on diaries so I think I will consider this a log of activities. That is why the name clmngzr. That is what my Dad considered himself and wanted his license plate to read. We as a climbing family also had a bit of a motto: stupid hurts. My climbing partner Levi and I have developed many rules we adhere to when on our adventures, which have been many and seem to always give a surprise of some sort. Of all these rules they boil down to two main rules, which are: DON'T GET HURT & DON'T LOOSE GEAR. Not necessarily in that order. I mean fingers grow back,... right?


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