Thursday, April 23, 2009


I have messed with this long enough. For today this is the best it will be.

The morning this video was taken Ella had a bucket full of energy and was super happy. I love watching her have fun and play.

So, a few weeks ago was Easter weekend and guess what . . . While we were there we found a few "wabbits" and look how cute they are.

I am so lucky to have such a cute and lovable little girl. She is our little person.

Fa'Dori can be so funny in the car. She really is a nervous Nelly but in this image she looks like she is sad to leave Grandma's house and the wide open sod field to run on. Who doesn't love a big field to run on? I know I do... Wait I don't like running - I almost forgot.

Here are two pictures for the Grandma's.

I have a nephew that was with my father tasting vinegar cucumbers. I saw some at Easter and wanted to re-enact that photo with Ella.

Our little Ella will not keep her hands inside of the blanket when we "burrito" her any more. While she falls asleep, while she sleeps and when she wakes up, she plays with the blankets near here. In this picture she got a hold of the picture that drapes over the edge of the crib and happened to walk in and lift the other edge to look in. "HI." She is so cute.


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