Wednesday, December 10, 2008

She rolled over. Yahoo

so here you go the latest update on little Ella's progress. She has been doing so much and we are so happy for her. Her Grand mother Mallory saw her one week then again about a week later and stated that she had changed so much. she is sitting up so well - - sorta. at least holding her head up very good and here you can see it in "belly-time." I was looking through some of her pictures on the 'puter here and was in awe at how much she has grown in the past few weeks. She is not just holding her head well but is also starting to talk. In baby talk that means "coo-ing and ka-ing". It has been great. some times sara can get some dialogue going back and forth with her. Sara will say something then Ella makes a sound - then Sara - then Ella - and back and forth. We heard that baby's younger than 18 months old also start to build their sound knowledge for language. That being the case, Sara has started talking to little Ella in Russian. We'll see what happens.

Also, I will try to do better at getting more pictures on. I have some of Sara's family with Ella and will try to get that in the next week.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Bath Time for Ella

Back by popular demand,... **Mitchell** :)

Here is a fun picture of Ella in the bath. I used to think that this is such a delicate process, but I have learned that kids are very resilient. I used to not want to bath a child because I thought I would somehow break them. Well, you still need to be careful but the little thing is strangely strong to being flopped around in a sink tub.

Usually I am great at doing the bath, however I did not get through this session with out a scream. There have been a few times that I have done this without a single peep. Sara thought I had not started the bath yet but I was already done.

She is a lot of fun. Oh and while the bath is underway, she is very slippery.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Activities of Conference Weekend w/ Tio Zachary

On Friday night my brother Zachary came to visit for the weekend. He went to General Conference afternoon session and a party Saturday night. Outside of that Zachary was back in our house having fun like he did this summer for three months. Having Zachy here this summer was a lot of fun. Sara made a great complimenting statement, which really put a smile on my face. She looked over at him during the Saturday morning session, while he was cuddle in with our two dogs and said, "you are part of this family and it is nice to have you back."

If I am not mistaken, Zachary is wanting to have a dog at home too. I am not sure how I know this ... oh I think he said it here:

While Zachary was here, he also spent time with our new little addition - Ela. She is cute with her Tio (uncle) Zachary. I would wake up Zachary early some mornings. If you know Zach, you know that he is not much of a morning person but to his great credit I needed only state that Ela is up for some short play time before her bed tome. "Get up if you want to be part of that play time." Zach was a great tio - he would pop up right away and spend some time. So, here are some pictures of Zachary getting Elizabeth dressed. It was a bit funny and very cute to watch him so it.
The pictures of Zachary getting Ela dressed are awesome. I also did a video of this but I wish I would have started it a bit sooner.

It was so great to have Zachary here for the weekend. I loved seeing him hold Little Ela. The two of them together was sweet. It was neat to hear Zach express how amazing it was to feel an instant love for something... someone.

Here are some of his thoughts of little Elizabeth Lynn Haralson: Wow what a beautuful little girl. So small and delecate. Tuly a little girl that you can esily love. But i will admit, it is a trick and a funny show trying dress the little girl. But she is a good sport and i like to think that she laughs at me when i try to dress her.

Thank you for coming Zachary. And the dogs will miss you too.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Yes, it can be all fun and game in the delivery room in fact I had the doctors laughing during the delivery. At one point Sara turned and knocked a bed controler of onto the floor and I commented that if she broke it she bought it. The doctor added that we will be going home with a nice bed. It was great to make this event and time in our life such a fun one with a great memory to look back on. To often we hear of couples that dreaded this or that had bad experiences. We owe much of this great evening and the spontaneous, unintentional laughter to the Hall's. Sara and I thank you for coming up to visit with us. Thank you Andy and Jessica, you helped relax a night of "great unknown's."

Note in this picture with Sara and I that the clock reads 21:35. That is about 2 hours before the baby was born. She looks great. Laughing with out a care in the world. Sara did great and It was wonderful to keep a laugh and smile in that room and on her face. I love Sara so much and am very happy with the baby she cooked for us. She has often asked me if we will have good looking children - to which I would reply that I am not the baker. She does the cooking, and she certainly did a wonderful job with our little

Elizabeth Lynn Haralson

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Haralson's have a baby!!!

Elizabeth Lynn Haralson was born September 29th at 23:43 at the University of Utah hospital. She came into this world weighing in at 9 pound 4 ounces and 21 inches. She is a big girl trying to catch up and keep up with FaDori, who we lovingly say is a "full-figured-girl."

I have loved holding her. She has been such a sweet little thing. She cries so very little. So little in fact I am hesitant to say for fear I might jinx it and turn the tides on us. I love this little girl.


This little video is so cute to see her stretching and making funny little sounds. She is wonderful. Her little sounds are great and fun. I really wish I could explain the sounds she makes while she is ... just being. Some times she makes sounds when she is sleeping and some when she is awake and a few while feeding. I dig it.

I have another video that shows how cute the dogs are with her. Well actually it is just Oakley in his always curious attitude. He has been very curious of her. Not in a bothersome way but just attentive.

This was the dogs reaction to Ela when we came home. I know that many of you have been very curious as to how the dogs would react to her. Well I am happy to say that she likes the dogs to. Like I said she is such a mild little baby - its great. Ela seems to be enjoying the dogs too and she squerms in a cute way as they like her feet and well..... sara just handed me my daughter for some daddy time so, ... it doesn't matter how this looks anymore. I'm done. I have my daughter and thats that - you get four images.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

comment reply

the hike is loop. there are look out points to which you can hike and look out over the valley or rather the canyon. but the area is actually a plateau. so. You Brian need to rocket through the Military and retire to Utah and come to lots O fun things with us.

The Hike Down Zions

This might give a little idea as to how steep the down hike was on the inner portion of Zions National Park. If you have been there you know how steep the walls can be. Well the trails were covered in a few feet of snow and we literally would not have stayed on course with out a GPS loaded with the trail. I wish we would have remembered a digital camera that we could have done video to show some more. We would have also been able to take more pictures. MSR snow shoes and poles were a must have.
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Camping on the East Rim

This our camp. In the first picture, we had just set up our camp and were headed out to do some exploring. Our feet were frozen and we needed to get moving agian. That is two feet of snow that we are camped on top of. We were able to pack it down to 18 inches but then we didn't have snow stakes, so we had to dig down to the ground. Well, that was intersting and cold too. Obviously, the spring we wanted to collect and filter water from was under 2 to 4 feet of snow. Thus, for our drinking and cooking water we had to melt snow. That takes longer than most, ourselves included, might think. It also takes a lot to get a usable amount. It was interesting and fun to cook inside the tent, which helped warm up the tent.
When the morning came our shoes were frozen solid and very cold to put on. Speculating on just how cold it would be to put on frozen shoes and have them melt then freeze our feet, we planned on getting every thing done we possibly could from the comfort of our sleeping bags before imbarking out of the tent. We jumped around a bit while taking down the tent because of our freezing feet but I would say with in a half mile they had warmed up.
On an interesting note, we were in the tent for 15 hours. We had returned to it about 6.30 pm (sunset). The temperature dropped so fast when the sun left. We really did not start moving till light. We cooked and ate then took another namp to warm up some more. We left the tent when the sun was really getting overhead and warming the air more. It was nearly 10 am. During the night, which was so cold, you did not want to come off of the sleeping pad at all. If your arm, leg or bum were to slide off the pad you knew it instantly. Levi thinks the temp may have got to about 10 to 12 degrees that night. My toes inform me that it hit 9 or maybe 8 degrees. Coldest, longest night of my life. I would definately do this again but with down sleeping bag.
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Start of Zions East Rim Hike

This is the start of the hike. Sort of. We were a bit into the hike. this is about when it started getting interesting. The trail started having too much snow on it to avoid putting on our snow shoes. We actually discovered that a bit up and around this corner. Levi was a bit ahead of me and trekking through two feet of snow and tipped over. So, I put mine on and we didn't take them off till camp.
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Sunday, March 9, 2008

My first posting and first blog

Well, this is my first blog. So many people talk as if blogging is the best way to ... keep up connections between each other. This may very well be the case. Off the top of my head I think well what about the phone. That is great for my family, but I don't call everyone that I know or am related to as much as my mom or brothers and sister. Well, some could argue that letters are a usable means of communication but in this day and age that has become slim with the advent of emails. Ha, and now I find myself checking my email way too much for emails that don't come. I am a victim as much as a transgressor of this point. And, don't even get me started on thank you cards or notes(do ya think a blog is a good place to post a thank you to someone, anyone?).

I suppose that I could tell a lot about myself, Sara and what is happening to us now but I will let this be a good start. I guess this is like a very public journal. I am not big on diaries so I think I will consider this a log of activities. That is why the name clmngzr. That is what my Dad considered himself and wanted his license plate to read. We as a climbing family also had a bit of a motto: stupid hurts. My climbing partner Levi and I have developed many rules we adhere to when on our adventures, which have been many and seem to always give a surprise of some sort. Of all these rules they boil down to two main rules, which are: DON'T GET HURT & DON'T LOOSE GEAR. Not necessarily in that order. I mean fingers grow back,... right?


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