Sunday, January 18, 2009

And here we are again. Getting a little bit faster on updating our blog...because you know...our little girl is so darn cute, we can't keep her all to ourselves!
She is enjoying a nice afternoon in her bumbo chair, sporting a hawaiian print top and enjoying the company of her chew toy, Waddles. Life is pretty good for this little flower.

I told Richard today, as we were admiring her while she was sleeping, gently sucking on a binkie, "It looks like we poked a binkie into a marshmallow-her cheeks are so big they come out the sides of the binkie!"

And best of all, she tastes like chicken!


panini said...

she's adorable! are you guys getting any sleep?

EHA said...

She is darn cute! She's got cheeks like Hanna.


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