Sunday, February 1, 2009

It is so hard to decide which pictures to put on the blog. This one took place just before dinner. I don't really know what it is that gets into me to do strange little fun photos of Ella, but they are fun photos. I think its my mom. She does fun photos from time to time.

So, I hope you enjoy the next one too.

So, in this picture we were getting ready for church... notice the good looking guy in a great sweater from my dad. Again, I some how got a strange yet fun idea as I walked by some bags. Here I am playing messenger - however, my little helper has dropped the delivery. So, we might not get paid for this service.

    "Mom, you're embarrassing me. I know that I am cute and dorable but you are kissing it out of me."

    So, in this you can also see why Ella has gotten the nickname... SQUISHY

Somehow I think that Ella knows that she is cute.

Let's see. One more picture.

Sara, loving to kiss Ella herself, decided that everyone should share in the opportunity to share the love. So, here is Fa-Dori eagerly taking that given opportunity to give Ella a kiss. As you can see Ella is willing to give kisses right back to whom-ever is giving. Gotta love bonding.

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